Is 5 Linx The Business For Me?

Business-MasteryWhat is 5 Linx? 5 Linx Enterprises is one of the US multi-level marketing companies offering utility and modern telecommunication services, business services, health care, and nutritional supplements. Click here for video presentation. With its headquarters in Rochester, NY, the company employs a multilevel marketing model to help individuals generate income.

The company President and CEO Mr. Craig Jerabeck, Executive VP of Marketing Jeb Tyler, and Executive VP of Sales Jason Guck founded this MLM company in 2001. The company featured on the Inc. 500 list of rapidly growing companies from the year 2006 to 2009.

5 LINX has assisted customers improve their lives – since its inception in 2001 – by delivering life-enhancing products and services. When building the company, the three visionaries embarked on building a strong business foundation based on 5 major principles: Integrity, Vision, Freedom, Opportunity, and Success. They had a mission: to create an opportunity that values representatives and puts them first.

Today, the industry under which the company operates is not only one of the largest, but also one of the fastest-growing worldwide, thereby fulfilling their vision by presenting thousands of individuals with an opportunity to better their lives. Today, it continues to operate under the same key principles.

By providing opportunities to representatives, 5 LINX also creates financial freedom and success. They ensure this by creating partnerships that will promote their standard for integrity and quality. They emphasize the importance of their representatives, and as forward thinkers they intend to identify current or emerging trends in the industry to ensure that representatives raise their earning potential.

Lifetime Opportunity

Launching and marketing your portfolio of services to help improve your own business has never been this easy. As a representative of 5 LINX, you’ll be marketing various products and services and your success level will greatly depend on your hard work, as the company will equip you with a range of training services and support.

5 LINX success system will help leverage your effort and time, maximizing your earning potential. This will allow you to establish a profitable business that will create a residual income system to help you get your finances in order and gain control over your life.

5 LINX Products

5 LINX is your ultimate one-stop shop for quality products and services that better lives.
Home: Home essentials like energy, security, tech support and telecommunications provide a wide variety of options to enable your customers save their hard-earned money on products they must use daily. As a family of products, it has something for virtually every household, no matter the family size or income.

5 LINX Wellness Family: This health-inspired line of products is specially designed to provide a wide range of options for living a healthier, fulfilled life. Regardless of the customer’s health and fitness goals, or overall wellness needs, this unique family of products delivers an alternative that will aid in promoting better health and greater personal wellness.

5 LINX Business: This offers services aimed at helping manage costs and boost profits. While customers can become preoccupied with running their business, they will always be looking for better ways to save money in terms of operational costs and to improve their bottom line in the long run. From mobile marketing to payment processing, the company will find a solution for every business.

International Training Events

Typically, 5 LINX Training events offer unmatched excitement, thereby delivering value in the industry, particularly direct sales. Whether local, regional, or even international event, representatives of the company have the rare opportunity to learn a lot from world-renowned motivational speakers and corporate leaders. This proven success system delivers training at virtually every step along the career path.

5linx scam and 5 linx reviews
Is 5linx a scam? Anybody who intends to join an MLM model would want to research and find out about the company he or she intends to join. Whether you have been approached (on several occasions) about joining the 5 LINX team as an independent distributor, or as a customer, it is important to do your due diligence before you get involved. In fact, you should do due diligence before you start any new home-based business.

Therefore, go online, research widely, and even read on “5 LINX reviews”. While many reviews online can be a little bit confusing, the best way to go about it is to conduct a thorough research before making up your mind. You should also keep in mind that every company has at least a handful of customers that did not enjoy their experience with the company and are expressing their dissatisfaction in various ways. Your best bet, though, is to analyze the facts.

5 LINX is backed by a talented management team and a compensation plan with a high-profit potential. The company’s business comes from three main sources: direct marketing of its core business, sale of its telecommunication products, and product development. Craig Jarabeck has made significant contributions to the company. His extensive background in the MLM industry, as well as with ICT, has helped propel the company forward.

As a privately held company, 5 LINX continues to be the fastest-growing company in the industry. Other key products include Internet, wireless phones, and a wide range of accessories, satellite TV, VoIP calling plans, and long-distance phone services. As of today, the company is stable and has a stunning track record.

5LINX Compensation Plan
An MLM company must have a great compensation plan to continue growing and expanding its range of products. Like most MLM and network marketing plans, the company presents a variety of ways to earn a commission.

There are 5 ways to earn with 5 LINX, including commissions from product sales and monthly residual income when distributors and clients of the company remit their monthly payments. Moreover, bonuses and incentives in the form of vacations, profit sharing, and luxury cars are also part of the compensation plan. If you’re diligent enough, you could be driving a luxury car very soon!

You can choose to become the company representative at two main levels: as a Customer Rep for $99 or as an IMR (Independent Marketing Representative). The latter requires you to part with $249 (initial investment). By paying a monthly of $49.99, you can also gain access to a website with virtually all products and services, including several other sites provided by the company, a back office with your team, 5 LINX TV and magazine, and 5 LINX University.

How do you make money with 5 Linx?
Should you decide to go ahead and join the business and start making money as an active affiliate with a clear objective of build a reliable 6-figure residual income in five years or less, there are a number of things you should know. To begin with, such a target requires you to build a strong team of 2,000 or more active distributors , all containing at least a few active customers, as the only way to earn revenue in a direct marketing company is via the sale of various products and services.

Promoting the Business Opportunity

First, you can begin by approaching your friends, family, colleagues, and other associates. Now with a plan to present the opportunity, product and service, before your batch of new and potential prospects, you have to know the amount of time you need to set aside into order to follow up with your potential prospects. You should also have a long-term marketing and advertising budget in place. Any experience in marketing and advertising is an added advantage.

Secondly, you must also consider the potential profitability of your product line of choice. The company provides a wide range of technology-related services – telecom, VOIP, Internet, and more – to choose from.
Corporate Social Responsibility

5LINX is proud of their efforts to offer their support to social and non-profit activities that are deserving. Since its inception in 2001, 5 LINX has participated in various donations amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting causes that truly reflect their undying commitment to impacting the world positively.

The company reps have shared in the vision and their ongoing support has impacted thousands of lives. In 2011, for example, their charitable work took a great turn as its representatives helped it raise $25,000 to help restore the 9/11 National Flag. As a result, a plaque with the name of the company, linking it with this crucial historical artifact, will forever remain hanging in the 9/11 Museum.

Like any other MLM company, building a successful team is an essential ingredient for success in 5LINX. However, this is not a job and you don’t earn a salary. You only earn on your efforts as well as that of your team.

Therefore, you have to invest some time in training your team on marketing strategies and other skills that will also help build the business. So, the more the team in your downline earn, the more money you make. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about being scammed, as 5 LINX deals in legit products and services.

As a “5LINX” member, a representative gets customers and business partners, and even trains these partners. Most importantly, you also get to cash checks! The business presents a simple opportunity. Anyone with a powerful marketing plan can achieve the highest level of success.

The 5LINX Opportunity: Pros and Cons
Like any other business opportunity, 5 LINX opportunity also has its pros and cons. But once you are aware of them, you can double your chances for success.


1. Requires low investment to get started. Unlike many other similar opportunities, where you have to part with thousands of dollars upfront, the company only charges a one-time fee of $249, an additional $49.99 per month, and another $99 annual renewal fee.

2. For only a small monthly fee of $49.99, 5 LINX will give you access to a website with virtually all products and services, 5linx university, back office with corporate info and your team, 5linx TV and magazine, as well as other benefits.

3. Their products and services are used daily. You don’t have to explain to customers what cell phones, TV, Internet, and VIOP are, as they already know.

4. With 5 LINX, a person only requires 25 customer points in order to fulfill the requirement for the top-most position to get personal customers.

5. Its compensation plan includes a company-leased BMW at the position of SVP. You also get free company stock, month expense allowance, vacations, and more. Additionally, you will also drive a company leased Bentley once you reach the position Platinum SVP. 5linx reps also get plenty of moolah.

6. 5 linx offers top-notch representative and customer support. You can be sure that you’ll always get help whenever you need one.

7. Plenty of success training – anytime, anywhere – to help support your 5 linx University and back office


Knowing 5 linx cons upfront will boost your chances for success. The cons include:
1. You have to invest $249 (onetime) and additional $49.99 to get started

2. It takes time and patience, which most people lack, to build residual income. You have to build a team to earn significant amounts of money.

3. 5 linx does not guarantee to make you a millionaire overnight; it requires work. Building a team is essential for success.
This review provides a powerful insider perspective, including the insider secrets, pros and cons of the company, as well as what it takes to be successful. Once you have learned the danger signs that could lead to failure, you can begin to look for the right 5 LINX sponsor to help you achieve your goals. This review helps you make the right decision when it comes to creating a legitimate opportunity for residual income.

From the pros and cons, you can now decide whether the opportunity is viable. There are also a ton of resources online to help you make the right investment decision concerning MLM and network marketing. It is your responsibility to do due diligence before investing your money in any business.


5 LINX is a modern-day multilevel marketing firm that offers telecommunication, health insurance, and other products to help better the lives of individuals. Its founders insisted on building the business foundation based on 5 key principles that are still relevant today.

The company provides a lifetime opportunity to achieve financial freedom and success. With only a few hundred dollars, your business can be up and running in no time. While the business has a few cons, its pros outweigh the cons, making the investment worthwhile in the long term. If you are thinking about building a business though multilevel marketing companies, 5 LINX is worth trying.

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