5linx: How To Make Money


How To Make Money With 5linx?

For those interested in work from home opportunities, check out my 5linx review here. There are a lot of home based marketing businesses that you can choose when you are looking to make the transition from working for someone else and working for yourself.

To be fair you should understand that 5linx is not the only company that you can make money with but there are some facts about 5linx that should persuade you that 5linx is absolutely one of your best opportunities to realize success.

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The facts are 5linx is a well established company with a strong management team. It was started in 2001 and by 2005 it was on Fortunes 500 list. It is a privately held company that offers a profitable compensation plan that has benefited many of the representatives that have joined the 5linx team.

There are 8 ways, yes 8 to earn income from 5linx. Those are facts.

The 8 Ways include commissions from sales of the products and services, residual income when clients and distributors make their monthly payment you can also earn bonuses, incentives and other goodies like luxury vacations. In other words making money with 5linx is not an issue it is using the ways that work best for you.

Making money from 5linx is easy because of the products and services that you are able to offer. They are all wanted products and services like telecommunication products, low cost energy services, satellite TV services and a slew of other daily use services and products.

Building Teams

One of the quickest ways to meet your financial goals with 5linx is to recruit other people to your team the more people you recruit the more residual income you will have access too. Building strong teams will help you to easily see your personal wealth grow by leaps and bounds.

Team building is easy and very profitable. You can easily grow your team by 2-3 people per week. Each qualified team member means generous bonuses and residual income coming your way. 5linx is the type of business that you do not mind recommending to family and friends.

Building your team is a no brainer because it is such a great opportunity that talking to people about it is easy!

Product Sales

There are some products that really you do not even have to sell because people are already looking for them. You can easily sell home alarm systems, telecommunication products and in the areas where energy has been deregulated you can offer energy plans.

Of course those items are only the tip of the iceberg. There are business products, products and service for the home and a slew of personal services that are also in the 5linx network. Every sale by you or your team members means a commission.

Every time a client makes a payment you earn a commission on that as well. Every time a distributor makes a payment you get a commission on that as well. There is plenty of money to be made with direct sales.


One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you have to have a level of commitment to this plan to see it through to the profit stages. Can you make money right away? Yes. Will you wake up to a six figure income the day after you sign up for 5linx? No! You do have to put in the work.

It may be a lot less work than you are used to and you may have to only devote a few hours everyday to get started but do keep in mind that this is a legitimate business opportunity and like any legitimate business opportunity there is work involved.

You do have to be proactive. You do have to market the website that you get when you sign up. You do have to build your team. You have to locate leads to build that team. You have to be able to recruit friends, family members, work colleagues and others to build your team. Team building is the quickest way to make an amazing amount of money.

If you have the right plan to realize your wealth 5linx can give you the tools that you need to really change your income into something that is positive and stress free.

Making money with 5linx is a multi tiered opportunity. There are enough options so that every person can make some money regardless of their experience level. The tools are there, the information is there and the support is there.

The question is not “how do you make money with 5linx?” but instead “how can you NOT make money with 5linx?” because it really is that easy! It is one of the most successful direct sales plans there are and it is the members that make it a success! Start earning today!

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