5Linx Home Based Business Now In Mexico

5LINX Mexico is now available! Founded in 2001, 5LINX is a private company that seeks to offer life enhancing products and services to people, with the sole purpose of improving people’s life. Having received so many accolades from business magazines renowned worldwide, 5LINX is a company worth investing in as during the decade it has been operating, it has undoubtedly been a force to reckon with in the industry.

In a bid to expand its wings and break through the borders, 5LINX has ventured into the Latin American market. This is a call for celebration as 5LINX has finally set base in Mexico. This is not just a business venture for 5LINX, but an opportunity for residents of Mexico to live a better life, through the services and products offered by 5LINX.

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You must now be asking yourself, what is it that 5LINX will help me with, by it setting up base in Mexico? Well, let’s talk about 5LINX opportunity. 5LINX is a company that not only focuses on itself, but also the people; who are actually the major focus.

5LINX opportunity is a convenient and easy way for you to start earning a decent income. 5LINX opportunity allows you to market a variety of services and products. This will give you the title of a representative. The level of success of a representative is however dependent on his/her own personal effort, though all representatives are equipped adequately with the right marketing tools and training to ensure their performance is maximized.

With such kind of an opportunity, you can build your own profitable business that will be aimed at making your life and that of others better. As 5LINX places its foot in the Mexican market, there are special offers that are being laid to this newly found market. One of these offers is the pioneer starter kit. This kit gives you an opportunity to be in a group of exclusive individuals who will have an opportunity to spread the wings of their business globally, through marketing.

2000 kits are available and coming with these kits are a 5LINX laptop bag, the 5LINX Presentation Flip chart, 5LINX Pioneer pen and pin, three Hi5 edge packages and cutting edge, most up-to-date marketing materials that have been created for the Latin American market specifically. The latter is a very special inclusion coming with the kit as they are the first to be issued globally, therefore making you the first to handle them.

Purchasing the Pioneer Starter Kit is a one-time affair requiring a fee of $1000. This is a guarantee of you expanding your business and making better your life and that of others. Coming with all these goodies is an IMR position, offered for free in a Latin market you prefer. This is a position that has never been offered before by 5LINX. All these goodies and offers are on the table due to the coming of 5LINX into Mexico and the Latin market.

5LINX is a company driven by 5 key principles, which are: opportunity, vision, integrity, freedom and success. These are the same principles that will drive it in Mexico, as 5LINX Mexico and as it seeks to make people’s lives better through opportunities as well as their products and services.

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