5linx Products and Essential Services

5linxproducts5LINX is a home business that allows you to make good money, while operating from your home. 5linx products have been categorized into three major sections, Home, Business and Wellness.

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Here is a look at some of the products offered by 5LINX, in relation to their categories:

1. Home

5LINX focuses on essentials for the home. They provide products that touch on different aspects of the home, including the following:

5linx Energy
o Residential Energy Program
Under the energy category, there is only one product, the Residential Energy Program, which is a program that offers options and access to competitive energy sources.

Discount Programs
o Platinum Discount Network
This is a program that allows the 5LINX members to enjoy discounts on the items they buy daily. There is a Five Star Pass, which will be available to members only and they will save money on the daily products they buy.

o 5LINX Wireless
The 5LINX Wireless is a product that is in partnership with Tempo, which helps you to enjoy the services from wherever you are buying your items and be able to enjoy more discounts. You can enjoy the prepaid services with no cancellation fees or contracts involved.

o PowePlay2
This is a product that allows you to have portable power for your devices. It is more like the powerbank for the mobile phone, but this one will charge via the Bluetooth ability.

o Satellite TV
The company is in partnership with DIRECTV and DISH Network to offer reliable satellite TV services. The 5LINX subscribers can enjoy affordable HD channels, both commercial and residential.

o Fiber Video, Internet and Cable TV
You will enjoy high internet speeds, thanks to the services of 5LINX that partner with top internet providers. There is also the Fiber TV, which is a novel home video entertainment option that developed on an enhanced network.

The network has the fiber optic systems, which ensures that you enjoy digital streaming. There is a Cable TV that allows you to watch multiple HD channels, which have smooth streaming as well as On Demand and other 3D content.

Tech Support
o Tech24/7
This is a product that ensures the client’s computer is running smoothly, without any errors. It helps in the technical support, the installations and the hardware repair of the computer.

Personal Security
o DataVault
This is a product that protects your photos, music, emails, videos, presentations and any other vital files. You will be sure of having your data well secured with this product. It will also back up your data as you are working on your machine.

o SafeScore
This is a product that will monitor your credit details and it will provide you with alerts in case there is any uncommon activity taking place.

o ID Guard
Another product that will protect your personal data by using an advanced technology and ensuring that you are protected online and that your private information is protected.

Security System
o 5linx Security
5LINX also partners with Protect America, the leading Security Systems company in America, to provide reliable security options to the members. The product has been designed to ensure that your home security is stable and it also comes at a cheaper price.


2. Wellness

Other 5linx products are the Wellness products, which have been developed to enhance the lifestyle of the person, along with their health. They are also grouped in subsections that have different products, including the following:

Health Care
o 5LINX EnhancedCareMD
This is a product that offers the members with direct access to certified doctors and nurses that can provide reliable healthcare services. The program works 24/7 and you will be sure of finding a nurse or a doctor that is certified and you will also find discounted drug stores faster.

o 5LINX EnhancedcareMD Smart Choice Bundle
This program will combine the ability of guiding you to reliable health specialists across the country. You will also be able to find health specialists that offer discounts on their services. There are also other insurance options included in this program.

o Hi5 Challenge
The Hi5 Challenge is a program that offers you fitness and health objectives. It comes with a list of nutritional products that are designed to help your keep fit. It is flexible enough to fit in the life of any user.

o Hi5 Edge
This is a supplement that helps to boost the endurance, promotes a healthy aging, enhances cardiovascular health and also boost metabolism.

• Hi5 Boost
This product is a weight loss tablet and it also offers reliable antioxidants that boost the health of the person.

• Hi5 Fuel
This is a product that has been designed to boost your energy and also enhance your focus. It contains top ingredients like Taurine, B-vitamins, caffeine, as well as Niagen, which boosts the metabolism.

• Hi5 Lean and Flavor Surge
This is a product that comes in the form of a shake and it helps to boost metabolism. It is an optional fast meal and can be a very nice snack.

o MontaVida Coffee
This is a beverage, which is relatively a coffee, but it is made with ingredients such as MCT oil, Ramon seeds and other antioxidants. It is a perfect weight loss plan.

3. Business

There are also some 5Linx products that are designed to help you manage your business perfectly. Here is a look at the products:

Payment Processing
o Payment solutions
This is a program that will help you limit on your costs, boost your sales as well as build loyalty with the clients. It has a reliable support staff that works 24/7.

o Commercial Energy Programs
These programs contain some energy plans that you will choose to fit your business’ budget and needs.
Mobile Marketing
o Business elite services.
These are services and products that are developed to help you grow your business successfully. They include discounting programs, text marketing, computer technical support, among others.

o TextAlertz
This is a service that allows you to easily communicate with your clients in the fastest way possible. It is easy to use and saves on time as well.

o MLSalertz
This is a service that allows you to carry out mobile marketing and you will market your property easily on the Multiple Listing Service.

o ChurchAlertz
If you have a faith-based organization, you can cut on the costs and boost the revenue with this service, which also promotes communication among members.

o OptiMYz.net
This service allows you to optimize your website whenever visitors use their mobile devices to access it. It helps you customize the site into a user-friendly website.

Security Systems
o Commercial security systems
This service allows you to keep your business safe from burglary, break-ins or any other unauthorized access. The company partners with Protect America to deliver this service.

Satellite TV
o Commercial satellite TV
This is a service that allows you to enjoy executive TV channels in HD and they are powered by DIRECTV and Dish Network.

• Healthcare

o 5Linx EnhancedcareMD commercial
With this service, you can access more health services, from certified health specialists. You can use this to ensure your employees receive reliable health services.

These are the 5Linx products that are available and they also come in different prices.

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