5linx Reviews – Hot Opportunity Or Scam?

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The Company offers a great and unique work from home business. It bases the work from home business on many important products and services people use on daily basis.

It also uses a network of dedicated and independent marketing representatives to distribute its products. The representatives are the ones who provide their customers with the products and services they sell. They have the latest products in telecommunication services, energy (gas and electric) and other products to use in a business or at home.

5linx establishment happened in the year 2000 and it quickly made a name by getting into the top 500 list in the year 2005. The company has a strong management with a strong proven track record and a strong compensation plan. The company’s business is generally of three types: sale of telecommunication services, product development and the business marketing. The CEO and president of the company is Craig Jerabeck who has extensive background in the MLM industry and within the telecommunication and technological industry.

The company is privately owned and it is one of the fastest growing within the same industry. The company offers a full commitment of products and it has a good reputation.

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Can I make good money investing in the company?

Like any other network marketing compensation plan, there are several ways through which you will earn a commission. Typically, there are 8 ways through which 5linx business will compensate you for your hard work. According 5linx reviews, the compensation plans include commissions which you get by selling their products, monthly residual incomes when all the distributors and clients have made their payments. You will also earn incentives like luxury cars, vacations, profit sharing, and if you work your best you may drive a free Bentley.

You can be a 5linx representative at 2 levels either as a customer representative for $99 or an independent marketing representative which will require your initial investment of $249.

Will I make any money in the business?

The only problem with starting the business is that 5linx is a private business and have no reason to disclose their income which they don’t. This means that you will have no way to know what profit they made and the distributors they have and those who made profits or loses. 5linx is definitely not a scam. There are people who will go telling people that every good business opportunity is a scam. I wonder whether someone pays them to do that. This is definitely a marketing opportunity. It is a home based business that uses the multilevel compensation plan. Reading 5linx reviews, you will confirm that the company has been doing well meaning that its marketing representatives are doing well too since the company depends on them to sell the products.

For you to achieve success, you will have to build a successful team in the company. This is not a job. As their representative, they will not pay you any salary. They will pay you for your efforts and that of your group members. This means that for you have to get higher returns, you will have to correctly train all your team members. Generally, you will have to train them on the relevant marketing strategies so that they will also easily establish their online business.

The more team members you will have in your group, the higher your chances of making more money. The company tries to market their many products such as the home security, VOIP, cell phones from brand name companies, satellite TVs and internet. So as their marketing member, you will;

. Try to increase their customer ground
. Try to get more business partners
. Train all your team members to do this easily
. Get paid for your contribution

5linx is definitely a simple opportunity and if you happen to be a member of a group with a powerful market plan, you will get the best possible level of success.

Pro and cons

Every business opportunity will have its pros and cons. This company is not an exemption. If you happen to know with certainty who they are and what they actually do, your levels of success will definitely increase.

Pros of this opportunity

. The investment required to get started with 5linx is very low. Unlike some business opportunities that will require high start up investment, you will only pay $249 once and another $49.99 every month. Additionally, you will also require an annual renewal fee of $99. This is waived if your with the company for 12 consecutive months.

. For only a small amount of $49.99, you will get lots of stuff which include a website with many products and service, a back office with all corporate info and that pertaining to your team members, 5linx TV, magazine and many other items.

. People will always use 5linx services on daily basis. Therefore, there will be no need of convincing them or even to explain the products to them. They already know the relevant information pertaining to the company’s products like the internet, cell phone services or VOIP, and TV. Working to promote the products is an easy task.

– According to 5linx reviews, you will only require 25 customer points to reach the top position in the company. Unlike many other companies that you will need to promote their lotions or portions, this company requires their customers to pay their bills after every 30 days.

– The company’s compensation plan is unique. You will get a company leased BMW while at the SVP position with free vacations, company stock, and monthly expense allowance. On top of all that benefits, you will also get a company leased Bentley while at the Platinum SVP position and a lot of benefits for all 5linx representatives.

– The company’s representatives and their customer care providers are the best. You will always get help from them whenever you need it.

– In your 5linx back office and the 5linx University, you will get all the relevant success training anywhere and at any time you find suitable for you.


Here are some of the opportunities cons

. As their member, it will take some time before you begin making any residual income, if you fail to build a team. Then you will be required to move a ton of the 5linx services and products for yourself in order to earn income.

. For you to earn, you will require performing some work. You will start by joining a 5linx team with strong rejection free marketing system if you wish of succeeding.

From the above you can clearly see that the pros are outweighing the cons.

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Do you need money to advertise the 5linx products?

Most of the struggling marketers will lack enough funds for them to succeed in marketing their 5linx business effectively. Then what should you do to effectively market this business?

Most network marketers will come online to look for ways they can expand their business. To succeed in your marketing you can look for a free report and give it away for free. By doing this, you will not be promoting your business. The free report will provide lots of information and easily sell the next step for you. You will then earn lots of commission for each one and then use this commission to advertise your business. That is called the funded proposal system.

What you need to be extremely successful with the business is an exciting 5linx page that will bring many benefits to your business. Here are the components you will need to use to easily achieve this.

. A video or some photos

If you chose to use a photo for promotion purposes, then include an audio for it to be successful. The best way is to use a 2 minutes video not talking about 5linx business.

. A simple form

Generally, if you want the 5linx potential partner’s information, then you should use a form. You can simply make one from your auto responder and use that.

. Use a headline

You will have to use some kind of headline. You will have to identify what goals you need to achieve with the business. Then create a simple headline about these targets.

. Give an incentive

Using motivation will influence the 5linx prospects to share their email addresses with you. You can offer something small like an eBook, a video or an audio, a video training series or an email teaching series that will train them on something.

What are the advantages associated with the business?

There are many advantages of working as a network marketer with this company. Here are just a few of them.

. Leverage

Over all the other advantages of having 5linx business, leverage is one standing benefit. There are many hours in a single day and in all those hours you will have to work to generate some income. You will also need to sleep, be with your family and friends and do any other task that will require your attention. Most people will work for 8 hours a day in their job. In exchange for this time, employers will pay them a set fee for all the time they spent in their work. Some other employers will pay per every unit of product you produced. Anyway your earnings will be limited by the number of hours you will work.

The company pays you for the work done by other personnel. So by gradually increasing the number of distributors in your down line, you will simply increase your income. You will do this easily without increasing those hours you spent in your work station. You can also
decrease your working hours and still watch your residual income increasing.

. Passive residual income

With this business you will enjoy a high residual, which will always increase. This is one of the obvious benefits of having the business. Everyone who starts the business has a target of building the passive residual income. The leverage factor makes the earning of this type of income possible. By leveraging on other peoples time and effort, you will be gaining a higher income.

. Low starting cost

You will only need a small amount of money to start the business. Regardless of the amount the company will ask you to pay as the starting cost the chance of earning high income is large as compared to any other type of business. The other costs you will incur relate to promoting the business.

. International business

You can operate this business from any part of the world provided you can access internet services.

. Tax

Another advantage of engaging in the business is tax efficiency. After you have joined 5linx you will have started your own business. This business will have many tax advantages over the other types of businesses. One of the greatest advantages is that you will have to deduct your earning before you have paid any taxes. As a business person, the tax liability will not be calculated on how much you have earned. It is calculated from the money you are left with after deducting all your expenses.

. Freedom

Most of the traditional businesses will lack the freedom of time management. In those jobs you will sell your time to get money. You will not have any freedom to come in and also get out when you want. The employer will be the one to determine when you should work. Apart from the one month work leave you will get all the other time the employer will be the one to determine the time you will work.

The other traditional businesses are not an exception, while you enjoy the benefit of being your own boss, you would end up working for longer times than if you were an employee. You will be a slave to your customers. 5linx business eliminates all this barriers.

. Support

With this business, you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. As soon as you join the company, you will be a team member of other members. Other members will be committed to your success as without you they won’t succeed.

. Personal development

Another advantage of having the business is the personal development. As a marketer, you will have the chance of reading many marketing material. This is a basic requirement for all network marketers. Before you begin selling any products, you will learn all its specifications and on the marketing plan. At this point, you also learn on the various benefits of the product and how to make them more attractive to customers. The training on the marketing plan covers how you can earn money from the selling. It will discuss on how to earn commissions outright and on monthly basis. This commission mainly comes in checks.

. Easy business plan

The plan never requires any academic level or any special skill for you to understand and follow. In addition, you won’t need to conduct any extensive promotions as distributors will do their advertisements.

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