Direct Sales Opportunities for Moms

5linx is one of many new direct sales opportunities for Moms to hit the network marketing industry. It is a home based business using the multi level reimbursement plan. So it’s a Multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity.

Direct Sale Opportunities for Moms

How does 5linx work?

You have to develop a successful team in the 5linx business to get successful.

5linx is not a job. As a representative, you aren’t getting paid a salary. You get money on your efforts and that of your team. So, this means that you have to train your 5linx team members on marketing as well as other strategies, so they can assemble their business too.

The more associates in your downline who earn money, the more you make at the same time.

5linx carries legitimate products and services for instance VOIP, WI-FI Cell phone, regular cellular phones from brand name companies, internet, satellite TV and more.

So as a 5linx member you:

1. Find customers

2. Get business partners

3. Train your partners to accomplish the same.

5linx is one of the best independent sales companies and in case you are part of a team which has a powerful marketing plan, you get the highest possible level of success.

A lot of MLM companies usually focus with a particular product category like, Health insurance and Nutrition, Coffee or Energy and also Telecommunications. 5Linx has many products combined such as

Tech Assistance
Personal Security
Security Systems

Well being:

Payment processing
Mobile Marketing
Security devices
Satellite TV

Also 5Linx pays a commission when you sign people up in the company. This is called recruiting people into your network. There are two packages available:
1. $99
2. $249 (Independent Marketing representative)
When you sign up in either category, you become a business partner.

5LINX is the best choice in VoIP videophone technology which positioned itself to have among the largest footprints in the energy market. 5LINX has a suite of products to make available customers; this represents multiple income streams to its representatives. As well as the products, 5LINX has a lucrative shell out plan with car allowances (BWM and Bentley) and stock options included.

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