First Ever Diamond Senior Vice President in 5LINX

Diamond Senior Vice President 5LinxCongratulations to Diamond Senior Vice President 5linx Curt & Tishina Anderson. Since 2001, the 5LINX program has been helping huge numbers of people start a new life as a business person in charge of their own destiny.

With it, individuals have found effective and stable ways of launching their own business ventures, supported by the program’s broad marketing approach.

Thanks to it, many of them have been able to achieve better lives where they can finally support their families through residual income and other means. At the same time, they are able to work in a dynamic and positive atmosphere where offering assistance is a cherished norm.

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The powerful wellness programs offered by the 5LINX can allow anyone to live a better lifestyle that will not only increase their health, but also provide them an abundance of energy that will allow them to be even more successful in their business dealings. The position of a Diamond Senior Vice President 5LINX that was only recently achieved is a clear proof of the power and potential of this program.

But, being a representative of the 5LINX business is not only about increasing revenue streams of an individual. In it, people will get a chance to market and promote various forms of services and products from important fields of industry like energy, telecommunications and security systems. Here, the only factor that will determine your level of success is your own willingness to exert personal effort. But you will not be alone in this endeavor.

Thanks to the 5LINX training systems and support methods, any representative will receive much guidance and help while they, just like Tishina and Curt Anderson, slowly build their way to the position of Diamond Senior Vice President 5LINX. The Andersons deserve much praise and congratulations while their story can be seen as an inspiring tale for everyone looking to make it in the 5LINX.

This couple entered 5LINX several years ago. Tishina, who worked as a teacher and a member of a large US corporation, entered the program before she met Curt and then introduced him to it as well once they started dating. Right away, Curt was impressed by the energy of other 5LINX members and the ability to earn residual income.

During this period, they also began a number of programs that were designed to improve their nutrition and fitness, including the Hi5 Challenge, thanks to which they both lost weight and received bigger energy levels which they immediately put to good use.

After accomplishing a goal of Double Platinum SVP and becoming a part of the Million Dollar Club, this power couple knew that there is one more peak of success that they desired to conquer – Diamond Senior Vice President 5LINX (DSVP). Using their skills and personal energy brought on through 5LINX training programs and mutual support, the couple successfully reached this position.

This was not an easy task. DSVP position demands 25 Customer Points and 8 Independent Marketing Representatives. Also, it requires two National Directors (ND), two Senior Vice Presidents (SVP), three Platinum SVP’s and Residual Customers Points that are over 75,000 (achieved in organizations with a rank of Platinum SVP) and Customer Points that number more than 10,000). Tishina and Curt Anderson were not intimidated by these numbers and instead worked hard and achieved their goal.

Their story should be an inspiration and a living proof that using 5LINX program really means that the sky is the limit when it comes to leading a healthy and profitable life.

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