How can I Make Money from Home?

People often ask themselves: “how can I make money from home?” Making money from home is a dream for many people with entrepreneurial spirit. For those interested in work from home opportunities, check out my 5linx review here.There are quite a few opportunities for making money from home available online and it may become confusing to choose the most reliable one.

There are some online programs that even promise you the possibility to make a full-time income while working on a part-time basis. Some just sound too good to be true, while some are real and proved opportunities to achieve financial freedom. So, “how can I make money from home?” you may ask.

We will present here one of those real opportunities to create a stable income from the comfort of your home. It is called 5LINX and is an online business opportunity that has already proved it works as claimed. This online business opportunity is enabling thousands of people live the lifestyle they dreamed of. With 5LINX these online entrepreneurs are earning an income they never thought possible.

Let’s seek together the answer to your question: “how can I make money from home?” with 5Linx affiliate marketing network. Let’s see what makes 5LINX so unique among many other money making opportunities that compete for your attention.

5LINX provides an opportunity to earn a steady income month-after-month on services and products in high demand. These are the kind of services and products most of the people are going to use anyway. All you have to do as a member of the 5LINX program is to show provide these same services and products at a discount through you, as an affiliate marketer.

5LINX is not one of your regular money making programs, it is a “premiere business opportunity”. Until this program was launched on the market it has never been possible to start your own home business so easily and quickly. And what’s best, as a member of the 5LINX MLM program you’ll be marketing a portfolio of services dedicated to help people live better lives. The network marketing company provides a variety of products and services designed to help people live healthier and happier.

As a 5LINX Representative your level of success will depend only on how much energy and efforts you put in this affiliate network business opportunity. The company will support your personal efforts by providing you with a wide range of marketing tools and training. By taking advantage of the fame of the 5LINX affiliate marketing network and their well-designed success system you will be able to maximize your income potential by leveraging your time. Only this way you can build a profitable online business for yourself, a business that will provide residual passive income for the years to come in order to help you shape a better future for you and your family.

What is 5LINX?

5LINX was launched back in 2001 and from the start the affiliate business opportunity began with quite a lot of buzz. In the beginning the company came on the market with some quite innovative telecommunications products. The line of 5LINX products and services include VoIP calling plans wireless, long-distance phone services, satellite TV, Internet, and phones and accessories.

Their business model made possible a fast growth and the company enjoyed an almost instant initial hype and fame. Since their earlier days 5LINX has maintained its fresh approach and innovative philosophy, continuing to come regularly on the market with new product innovations.

By the year 2005, short time after it was launched on the market, the 5LINX company managed the impressive performance to become quickly one of the Fortune 500 companies. All this fast success was possible because the company has a very attractive compensation plan and a strong management team. Craig Jerabeck, the CEO and the president of the 5LINX company, has an extensive experience in the MLM business. He also has a background with technology and telecommunications industry.

5LINX line of products consists in wholesale pricing on VOIP technology and other internet based communications products. As a 5LINX Representative your mission is to spend time and energy on promoting these innovative technology products. In today’s world technology is everywhere around us, improving the lives of millions people worldwide. The internet has become interconnected with all aspects of our existence. In these circumstances, promoting useful high-tech products is easier than ever before.

Technology based products are great for traditional business as well as for network marketing. When a new high-tech product is first launched on the market it instantly receives a phenomenal response. Everyone simply wants to own it, you have a new supply with huge demand and practically no competition. This can allow you to achieve even a 75 percent profit margin. When the market for the high-tech product enters in its mature stage and the growth slows down, a new innovative product can be launched and the process starts all over again. When the increased market competition and the technological ability make costs of technology to go down, a new innovative high-tech product is developed to take the market place of previous gadget.

With a tech company such 5LINX your success is based not only on your own personal marketing ability but also on the growth and success of the company. With 5LINX you can learn how to make money by creating endless prospects and influence through the power of Attraction Marketing. There are hundreds of positive reviews of this money making opportunity from people who become successful entrepreneurs and marketers with 5LINX.

You can make money with 5LINX in two ways. The MLM company features an affiliate marketing program with two different levels to choose from. You can just chose to become a 5LINX customer representative for a one-time payment of $99. Or you can choose to become a 5LINX independent marketing representative for an investment of $249.

The membership in the MLM program also requires payment of a $49.99 monthly fee and an annual renewal cost of $99. This covers the costs of webhosting for your business website that promotes 5LINX services and products. You will also have access to a back-office with training tools and information about your team. The website and the back office will support you to reach success with 5LINX MLM business opportunity.

The company’s business is focusing basically on three key aspects: product development, direct marketing of the business, and sales of its telecommunications products. 5LINX is among the fastest growing companies within the industry. The company provides a comprehensive line of products and it enjoys a stable growth. You can trust to join their affiliate marketing team since 5LINX has an impressive track record. Even an average person with no knowledge of the technology and telecom industry can make a good income with the 5LINX MLM program.

5LINX Compensation Plan

5LINX offers a competitive compensation plan that provides several ways to earn a commission. Actually there are no less than eight different ways to get paid with 5LINX. They include monthly residual income when distributors and clients make their monthly subscription payments as well as commissions from the sale of 5LINX products and services. As a 5LINX representative you can also earn incentives and bonuses such as profit sharing, luxury cars, and vacations. If you are really good in what you are doing and put enough efforts in promoting the business you can even be driving a free Bentley luxury sport car.

As we already said, with 5LINX you can become a representative at two levels: either as an Independent Marketing Representative for an initial investment of $249 or a Customer Representative for just $99. In both variants you will also have to pay a monthly fee of $49.99 and a $99 annual renewal fee that covers the costs for the back office with all your corporate and team info as well as your website with all services and products. On top of these you also get access to the 5LINX TV, 5LINX University, 5LINX magazine and various other websites provided by the company.

By joining this MLM business opportunity as an active affiliate you can even aspire to creating a six-figure residual income within a period of three to five years. The secret to this is to build a large team of distributors in your downline and get paid not only when you sell products and services to your active customers but also when anyone from your active downline is making sales. In the beginning you can promote the 5LINX business opportunity to your co-workers, friends, and family. Then you can extend your marketing efforts worldwide through your business website.

Over an extended period of time you need a well-developed plan to bring the services, the products, and the 5LINX business opportunity in front of a large batch of potential prospects. Fortunately, the company supports your marketing efforts and you can leverage the good reputation of the 5LINX brand. In a MLM business an important aspect is to put time and efforts in following up with interested prospects. The training provided by 5LINX will help you achieve the necessary advertising and marketing knowledge. It is also recommended to set aside a long-term advertising and marketing budget.

The profitability of the 5LINX product line is very promising and can provide the potential of a steady income. The company provides a wide variety of technology related services and products, such as telecom, VOIP, long distance phone plans, internet services, mobile phones, and more. They come at very affordable prices that offer you a competitive advantage. In these favorable conditions building a profitable home making money opportunity with 5LINX MLM business is getting easier.

Negatives for 5LINX

As with any business opportunity out there, not everything is perfect and you’ll find some downsides as well. How much money you can make with the 5LINX MLM business is not a guarantee. Your future income with 5LINX will depend on your own efforts and how many people you are able to bring into your team. This is the most important aspect in a MLM business and network marketing. You will need to bring many people in your team in order to make a high and steady income from commissions. This is the only way to make good money with 5LINX, as well as with any other MLM network. No matter how good and in demand are the services and products you promote and how comprehensive support you receive from the network marketing company you affiliate with, in the end it depends on you how big will be your MLM income.

In order to create a six figure income you would need a very large downline of active distributors in your team. And your downline members will also need to have plenty of active people in each of their teams. But if you are prepared to put effort and time in your MLM business, and grow it steady over time, the results will not delay to appear. With 5LINX affiliate program you can become successful no matter if you are a complete newbie or a seasoned online marketer.


This is not one of those internet money making scams that claims you can get rich overnight with no work at all. 5LINX is most definitely a legitimate affiliate marketing business that gained its good reputation over time and proved to be the path to financial success for many people until now. 5LINX is definitely not a scam but a legitimate money making opportunity from the comfort of your home. This affiliate program comes with many positives that recommend this business opportunity as a reliable way to make money online. The only downside is that you will have to put time and efforts in this business in order to become financially successful.

You income level will depend on how many people you will be able to recruit onto your downline team and on much work you are prepared to do. In order to achieve a full time income with 5LINX you have to be aware of the fact that it will take a lot of recruiting time income you want to achieve you’ll need to understand that in order to achieve your goals it will take a lot of recruiting. In order to achieve a full time income with 5LINX you have to be aware of the fact that it will take a lot of recruiting time income you want to achieve you’ll need to understand that in order to achieve your goals it will take a lot of recruiting.

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  1. I have been seriously asking myself, “How can I make money from home?” It’s a desire that I’ve had for a very long time. I see other people doing it and I want in too!!!

  2. One of my friends is constantly asking me how can I make money from home. I keep trying to tell him that it’s easier than he thinks. He just has to do his research and find something he is passionate about. I will have to forward a link to this post to him. I believe he can find value in it.

    • Thanks for sharing Carlos. I’m glad you found value in this post. Opportunity doesn’t always knock. Sometimes it sits silently waiting to be recognized and often overlooked…

  3. 5LINX seems like an amazing and legit option for someone to truly make some additional money from home. If someone wants to know how I can make money from home the need to read this post and learn more.

    There’s no doubt that it will not be easy. Like anything in life that is truly worth something, it will take work to truly become successful and earn a decent return. Above all, we must be willing to work!

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