How Do You Get Paid from 5linx: 5 Ways to Make a Six-Figure Income

Earning money is important for many people nowadays. They have been looking for moneymaking opportunities to gain more than what they get from their day jobs. Many of them ask how do you get paid from 5linx?

People following this opportunity will earn money though the following ways:

Commissions on sales

Just like other moneymaking opportunities, 5Linx offers income by handing commissions to its distributors. The advantage of selling the company’s products is they are tech as well as communication solutions, which are now getting popular among consumers as they become needs.

Examples of products are internet services, wireless devices and their accessories, VoIP calling solutions, and a lot more. Many individuals are now using these solutions because of their importance in communication and research. Therefore, selling the solutions should not be as difficult as what others perceived.

Nowadays, competitions between tech solutions as well as brands became extra tight with the development of new solutions. However, 5Linx ensures that their offers are more marketable and consumes will definitely find more beneficial than competitors. The company, being a privately-operated brand, devotes itself in developing their solutions to bring something new to the table at all times.


Commission is one thing, but 5Linx also offers bonuses to their distributors as motivating factor for the sales. Although the company has not released the amount of bonuses or eligibility rules to their distributors. Eligibility rules include the amount of sales generated before getting the bonuses as well as other things of that nature.

As a privately-owned company, 5Linx provides information to their distributors upon joining the company. Moreover, it does not display its distributors’ earnings for confidentiality purposes. What matters is that the company promises bonuses.


Many of the success stories in 5Linx are because of profit-sharing. They have been engrossed in doing the business that they want to get deeper into the business model. They become profit-sharers in the process and earn more in the process. Profit-sharers are compared to clients, which will have more income in the future.

Other incentives

Most of the time, incentives do not only come in money form. 5Linx offers other incentives like travel packages and luxury cars. These are provided depending on the distributors’ performance. Although not in money form, the savings that come in experiencing a good vacation and purchasing a car add to a person’s savings. In the end, the distributor will have more money in his pocket in the long run.

Personal savings

Some distributors buy the solutions they sell themselves because of the savings they will get. They will get the same solution without spending more money. The savings they will get through buying their own products will be helpful in gaining more money in their accounts.

Answering the question how do you get paid from 5linx is possible with these lists of opportunities that guarantee profit for distributors. Before jumping to this opportunity, study how the business model works, because even if it is an MLM opportunity, there are still other possible differences with how the system operates and other company special details that distributors should know.

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