How Does 5linx Make Money

How Does 5linx Make Money?


For those interested in work from home opportunities, check out my 5linx review here. The elephant in the room all the time when you are talking about 5linx and the opportunity that it offers is “how does 5linx make money?”. It is a profitable business that went from being funded in 2000 to being on the Fortune 500 list just 5 short years later in 2005.

It is a highly profitable business as a matter of fact. How does 5linx make money? The old fashioned way through innovation and bringing products to the public that are wanted and highly valued. There is always some speculation by competitors or people that just do not understand how MLM works that the only way the 5linx makes money is by charging distributors money.

When someone joins 5linx of course there is a fee. You are after all setting up your own business. If you opened a brick and mortar business you would likely have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars. If you even started your own online business you would pay at least $1,000 to get your website up and running not to mention the investment you would have to make in inventory.

With 5linx you get the website. You get the established relationships with high profile businesses that you will offer services or products from. Opening a business on your own means that you have to establish those relationships on your own as well.

5linx high profit margins come from the direct sales of products and services. Each time you make a sale or enroll a team member 5linx gets a piece of the profit. It is like profit sharing in a way. Of course 5linx makes a profit from its distributors what would be the point of being in business if there was not a profit.

A Group Effort

5linx makes money by a concerted group effort approach to marketing. There is powers in numbers and the more people that come on board the larger the company become and the more profit there is to go around.

Right now 5linx serves the US all of its territories and 20 countries around the globe and it will continue to grow. The group effort that 5linx offers allows people of all experience levels and motivation levels to make money and share in this great opportunity.

Meaningful Partnerships

5linx has forged meaningful partnerships with big name energy companies, big name telecommunication companies, personal protection companies, home security companies and many other well known big name companies. These big name companies are easily recognized by consumers so the products and services sell themselves.

There is a huge amount of commissions that are generated around the globe in all 20 countries by these relationships. Could 5linx survive without its representatives that recruit new members? Absolutely. The business is that lucrative, the products and services are that sellable that having distributors involved only sweetens the pot for everyone it is not a necessity.

This is a visionary innovative company that was generating quite a bit of profit before it exploded into one of the most highly regarded MLM business models in the US.

Are You Ready?

Now that you know how 5linx makes their money are you ready to make yours? As a part of this ever growing company you are actually more than a part of the company you own your own business and share in all the benefits that 5linx has to offer you.

You get all the tools that you need to reach your financial goals and to experience financial freedom. There is no better way to get into your own business. There is no better way to have the support that you need to really succeed.

If you really want to know how 5linx makes their money all you have to do is ask a current member and they will be able to answer all of your questions and give you the ability to make an informed decision about joining 5linx.

Take The First Step

Don’t believe the rumors get the information you need to make an informed decision about your financial future. You can take the first step today by speaking with a well informed distributor that can speak frankly to you about the possibilities that 5linx has to offer.

You have to take the first step or you will never get started. 5Linx makes money with a well thought out business plan that they are willing to share with you. A lot of people wonder why 5linx is willing to share in the profits and it is because it makes good business sense the more people that are involved the bigger the company can grow.

It is a great opportunity that you should consider. Get the facts than decide! It is always best to go into any business deal with your eyes wide open and 5linx has nothing to hide. Click Here To Get Started Today!

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