How to be Successful in Network Marketing

Network marketing or multi-level marketing is fast on the rise with the companies popping left and right with this sort of payment leveling plan.  For those interested in work from home opportunities, check out my 5linx review here.The fact is that although network marketing is open to everyone, not everyone has the skills to be successful in the field. It takes guts, grit, as well as knowledge for you to become a successful network marketer.

How to be successful in network marketing

Fortunately, this does not mean success is impossible – just tough to achieve. The good news is that the rewards are more than worth it, thus giving you the chance to earn more than you ever thought possible. The stories on network marketers bringing home 6-figure paychecks are completely true – but only if you take time to learn and understand the system.

In this article, you will find out exactly how to be successful in network marketing. Check out the tips below and get started with your success path.

Choose a Good Company

There are literally hundreds of companies in the MLM niche, so it is best to check them all before registering to anyone of them. Most people consider the brand of the company as the most important factor and this is perfectly fine. A long standing company usually means that they have solid business practices, hence allowing them to continue thriving despite the fluctuating economy. However, other factors that you will need to consider are the following:

• Products – you cannot sell what you do not know, so make sure you have a good idea about the niche you are settling in. Is your chosen company selling health products, beauty products, or cleaning products? In depth understanding of every product offered by the company gives you the chance to provide a more real selling strategy on the item.

For example, you are in a company focusing on the beauty niche. Does their shampoo really work? How long do their mascara last? Is the moisturizer hypoallergenic? There is every chance your future buyer or affiliate would be asking these questions so always be prepared to give an answer to keep them impressed.

• Support System – what kind of support system is the MLM Company willing to provide you? Trainings and conferences must be part and parcel of their marketing development system.

• Payment Plan – this is how you are going to get paid, so make sure you memorize the payment plan from the forwards and backwards. The system should at least be fair without being too generous; companies that seem to offer too much are usually too good to be true.

• People Behind – lastly, do not forget to consider the people behind the company. Who are they and what commends them to take the top position? What are their plans for the company and how do they intend to help you become a successful marketer?

Introduce the Product First

People will not consent to be part of your team if they are not impressed with the product. Why would they sell a particular item if they themselves do not see the importance of using it? This is why you should introduce the product first: what is it, what does it do and most important of all, how would it benefit the person using it?

The possibility of being part of the team is just an afterthought; what you really want is to sell them something useful. Once they find that the product really does work, it will only take a small nudge to get them on board. Nothing is more convincing than a salesman who wholeheartedly believes in his product.

Focus on Teaching

The problem with most network marketers is that they focus highly on getting recruits, but they do not really invest into keeping said recruits. Even as you build your downline, you should take the time into teaching these people how they can make the most out of this opportunity. Teach them what your upline has taught you, not just how to bring in other people to the team but also how to sell these products to the end users. By doing so, your downline becomes more productive and will reap and recognize all the benefits of staying in the team.

Have a Plan

Network marketing is a real business that requires more than just selling products and getting people on board. If you are really serious about making it in the industry, you will create a strong plan and actionable system that lets you climb the marketing ladder. Do not let this plan rest simply in your head; write it out and always remind yourself of the ultimate goal. Here are examples of the items that should be included in your plan:

• Social Media – social media should definitely be part of your plan, considering the large collection of people you can market to in just one location. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter work perfectly as avenues for marketing, updating your downline and buyers on what you have to offer.

Do not forget to open blogs and optimize accounts according to your chosen keywords. Involve plans for this, starting one account at a time and targeting a certain number of friends and followers. From there, you can create new milestones in favor of expanding your business.

• Different Marketing Techniques – obviously, social media is just one of the few marketing strategies you can try out. In the ainternet alone, you have the chance to use so many techniques such as email marketing, direct selling, etc. Slowly explore all these options, focusing on marketing strategies that provide the best access to your target market.

• Target Recruits – do not just think I need to recruit as many people as possible’. Instead, think: I need to recruit at least 5 people this month. Give yourself a number so that you would be more motivated to reach that particular amount in a specified amount of time.

Arm Yourself with Knowledge You will be amazed at the extent of books today that provide information on network marketing. Invest on these books and read the experience of people who have gone through the same process and made a success of it.

Take note of important lessons and incorporate them in your plan. Do not forget to read up on other information available online and, of course, always attend seminars and trainings sponsored by the MLM company you happen to be part of.

Get Help through Tools

Do not think you can do everything on your own. As your business grows, you will need to devote more time and effort into the process. People will be sending you email through many channels and you will have to respond to each one. There is also the matter of keeping your leads running online, posting on Facebook and making sure that your Twitter account remains active for prospective recruits.

Fortunately, there are currently numerous tools to help you handle these. Get auto responders, scheduled posts, and many other programs that handle people on the first level. This way, you would have an easier time juggling the work and making sure that you do not lose a single sale.

Hold Yourself Personally Accountable

Understand that you are now your own boss. This comes with several ups and downs. For one thing, you do not have to answer to anyone but on the other hand, the temptation to slack off is always there. Good network marketers always hold themselves personally accountable, constantly pushing themselves to do better.

Remember: you have no boss to push you to meet deadlines, so now you have to do all that by yourself. Check the plan you have made again; are you adhering to it or are you procrastinating and talking yourself into making up for it the next day? Do not fall into the trap but rather, always ask yourself: would I fire me with the things I did today?

Polish the Charm

First and foremost, network marketing relies heavily on your ability as a salesperson. Regardless of how good the products are, you have to keep in mind that at the end of the day, people will be looking at you to determine whether they want it or not. This is why it is crucial for you to be confident the moment you go in. Act like the deal is already done and you are just waiting to shake their hand. The following are some tips on how to handle the approach:

• Shake their hand, providing a firm but painless grip to provide assurance to your prospective buyer or recruit.

• Speak clearly and slowly, giving ample time for the buyer to fully understand what you are trying to say.

• Use slides if you have to. A lot of network marketers utilize slideshows to illustrate the payment system – but this is not always necessary when presenting the product.

• Maintain eye contact to show sincerity to your prospect. Smiling is also another good way of making them feel comfortable during demonstration.

• Give your prospect the chance to digest the information and ask questions. Answer them diligently; this is crucial. You have to make the prospect feel as though what they are saying is really important and requires much of your attention.

• Close strongly, providing them with different ways to contact you once they have made up their mind. There is little chance that they would actually jump in your team at that very minute, but a purchase of the product is likely.

• Call your prospects by name. This is a classic move that makes them feel more important.

Of course, chances are, many of your prospects will come from the Internet, but never underestimate the power of person-to-person contact. You never know when this might become necessary and a strong presence can definitely tip the scales in your favor.

Follow Up

A common problem for first time network marketers is that they do not follow up. Remember: it takes time for people to make up their mind over something. If you push them to arrive at a decision at that very moment, there is a good chance that they would resent you for putting them in the spot.

This is why somehow getting their contact number is a good strategy. This works best for online marketing, using a funnel system to collect the email address of prospects. With an email address, you can simply send an email blast to everyone in the list every once in a while to inquire and offer your products or services.

Stay Ethical

You are in this for the long haul, so guard your reputation well. Do not pick and prod and bully people who have already said no to your first attempts. The fact is that this business might not be for everyone; your goal is to find people who have the guts and the skills to stay in this job so that both of you can succeed together.

Note that although you may be eager to market to friends and family, it is best to stay within low profile of these people. You may market products to them, but do not push with the recruiting.

Accept the Risks and Move On

Network marketing is not an exact science. There will be times when you will be hitting a brick wall of rejection and it could bring you down. This is perhaps the hardest thing about this job, especially since MLM does not have a very good reputation nowadays.

Just keep in mind that this is part of the job: for every 100 people you give your pitch to, chances are you will only sell to 10 and manage to recruit less than that. Good network marketers do not let this stop them from continuing on with the business.

Keep Your Day Job

It takes time to make a decent living out of network marketing; do not be lulled into the promise of $10,000 in just a few months of work. Like any other business, this requires effort on your part and this will take the better part of a year – if not more.

Hence, do not quit your day job yet as earnings from the MLM may fluctuate. The beauty of this system is that you can do this on your spare time, therefore making it the ideal transition business from the employed to the self-employed sector.

Of course, those are just few of the tips and techniques on how to be successful in network marketing. As you submerge yourself in the business, you will be able to develop your own techniques and hopefully create a system that works for your team, goals, and personality.

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