How To Become A National Director In 5LINX: A Detailed Review

How To Become A National Director In 5LINX

To check out my 5linx review here. Have you ever come across one of the 5LINX compensation plans? Well, if you haven’t, you don’t have to worry at all. Indeed, the 5LINX opportunity layout has been specially designed to assist in building an incredible business that can confidently produce immediate income and a long term residual income as well.

Thus, the 5LINX has one of the incredible compensation plans where the reps are certainly rewarded for their good, or rather perfect job.

Basically, 5LINX offers potential representatives two entry levels before getting to become a national director in 5LINX. That is:

  • Customer representative level
  • Independent marketing representative level

In addition to these two levels, there are about eight leadership levels that must be passed. The eight leadership levels include:

1. Trainer
2. Executive trainer
3. Executive director
4. National director
5. Senior vice president
6. Platinum senior vice president
7. Double platinum vice president
8. Diamond senior vice president

Getting started for the task

Therefore, as you can see the 5LINX compensation plan offers one of the simplest and powerful incentives. As you gradually achieve a higher leadership position, your income progressively increases as well. Consequently, how to become a national director in 5LINX is not that complicated.

As you gradually build your 5LINX business, it’s vital to work at keeping your business balanced as much as you can.

Usually, the same agreement form is selected regardless of the two starting levels.

Customer representative
A one-time enrollment fee of $99. Here, you’re not eligible for the quick start bonuses or weekly bonuses.

Independent marketing representative
One-time enrollment fee of $249
If you’re a customer rep and you’d like to upgrade to an independent marketing representative, the requirements are:

You must acquire at least 20 active customer points and personally sponsor one qualified IMR
In the first one month, you must be paying $150 to purchase the IMR Success Kit.

You can always complete the 5LINX Representative Agreement online. Alternatively, you can send the agreement form to the 5LINX corporate office via mail or fax.

Getting qualified

Paid Independent Marketing Representatives must acquire and maintain eight points with a required combination of at least one preferred services and one product to qualify and be eligible to receive qualification rewards.

Usually, residual customers are paid as a monthly, recurring commission. Acquire a passive residual customer one time and your commission payments continue for the life of your customer. The commission is normally based on a fixed monthly commission value.

As mentioned earlier, there are various leadership positions that one must take before becoming a fully qualified 5LINX National Director. As a National Director, you must acquire and maintain the following qualification:

  • Have at least 25 active customer points
  • Have at least 4 separate lines of a qualified independent marketing representative
  • Have at least 3 separate lines of qualified Executive Directors
  • You must have completed the 5LINX University ED Preparation Module, and lastly

You will receive a $500 bonus if completed in the first two months.

Qualification and grace periods

Once you’ve qualified for the position of National Director, you’ll most likely want to maintain it to ensure that you continue benefiting from your hard work.

Since these positions basically rely on the continued diligence of others, maintaining it may indeed prove to be daunting. Why? Because loss of customers or dormancy of reps may at times result in the loss of your hard earned position.

In normal situations, as a 5LINX National Director you have a grace period of only thirty days of maintaining your position before you’re demoted to Executive Director. Thus, you definitely need to work extra hard to ensure that your hard-earned position is perfectly maintained.

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