How to Consistently and Effectively Build Downlines

How To Consistently Build DownlinesAll business, to a certain degree, is about people and the relationships they generate amongst themselves.

This notion is one of the true bedrocks of all enterprise dating back to the very beginning of organized civilization, where the early onset of trading meant forming of first relationships with people who were otherwise complete strangers.

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Today, business relationships are as important as they ever were and this is especially seen in Network Marketing. Here, a strong ability to consistently create and maintain downlines, as one of the most important elements in these endeavors, means the difference between success and stagnation.

The term of a downline applies to people who are recruited by a marketer. From there, their actions partly bring about a financial bonus to their recruiter, as well as the people they enlist further down the road.

But, unlike many people believe, the ability to create downlines is not only dictated by a person’s personality type. In fact, like any other field of business, it requires the willingness to learn and produce an effort. With these crucial factors, here is how to consistently build downlines.

Setting Clear Goals

Creating downlines should be perceived as any business venture, which means that it needs to be formulated in a clear and objective plan. This, in turn, means having clear objectives. When people ask themselves how to build downlines, the first thing they should answer for themselves is how big this process should be?

By getting that answer, the marketers have a better chance of attaining success instead of constantly chasing unattainable goals or being disappointed by too low benchmarks. The art in the process is to attain the ideal balance of challenge and the chance of success, which may demand several iterations of the process of setting up goals.

Targeting Process

Many people will give new marketers the instant advice of targeting their family, friends, and relatives. Unfortunately, this was proven time and time again as a risky, but ultimately, ineffective strategy. Here are some of the most obvious groups that should be avoided in the targeting process:

• Schoolmates with whom the marketer is not in constant contact
• Distant relatives and cousins
• Neighbors, especially if they are senior citizens (because this move by the marketer could be seen as exploitative)

Instead, the smart move is to rely on the attraction marketing, where all these groups of people (and many more) will be drawn to the marketer. For attraction marketing to work, a marketer should only have patience in building their personal brand. This might take time, but is a lot better answered to the question of how to consistently build downlines than simply forcing themselves on the people in their lives.

Being Open and Trustful

In any relationship, acting in an open and direct manner is the best long-term prospect. A marketer should not try to approach people firstly as a potential friend, only to switch their motive to the underlining quest to build downlines. Approaching people honestly might turn some away, but will definitely produce better results than having hidden agendas which people instinctively sense, even if only on a subconscious level.

Being There for Other People

Having stable downlines is tightly connected to trust. This is why any person that becomes a part of a downline should be cherished and supported. This means being there for the same person when he or she needs some clarification or help with the marketing process. The people in any downline are not just numbers and if they become this, the same downline is gradually doom to failure. Here are some ways how this can be done:

• Being in regular touch with the same people via email or instant messaging
• Answering frequently asked questions in advance
• Setting up an online meeting place for the same downline, like a private forum or a closed group on a social network

With these bits of advice and ideas, any marketer has a lot better chance of creating their one unique and effective answer on how to consistently build downlines.

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