How To Hire Sales Reps

A company that manages to hire good sales reps will always thrive, one that doesn’t manage to do so will always strive. The takeaway from this reality is that you cannot afford to hire sales reps who would fail to deliver. To get it right, you need to know the best ways to hire good sales reps.

Here’s a brief guide about how to hire sales reps.

  • First, you must know what you are looking for. You must have a lucid understanding of the job description as that would determine what your sales reps have to do. Unless you know what they have to do, you cannot hire the right people. Also, a well defined job description will allow the candidates to know what they are expected to deliver. You should know how many sales reps you need, what type of profiles you have to consider depending on the job description and you must be willing to pay them well.
  • Second, you need to find the best sales reps before you can hire them. Finding the best sales reps is not easy. You cannot put up an ad and expect to be flooded with applications. Even if you are flooded with job applications, chances are that they would mostly be of average candidates and not the star salespeople that you need. You should consider hiring sales rep agencies who are much better placed to find good sales reps. You should visit tradeshows and seminars where you would be able to scout for talent. The best sales reps are doing well and they may not be looking out for you. It is you who have to scout for them. Sales rep agencies do this well and that is why consulting and commission them is a good strategy.
  • Third, you must have a very stringent hiring process. You cannot rely on the resumes of sales reps and have a simple conversational interview. You should ask the right questions in regards to the industry your company is in and what type of products you deal with. You must test the sales skills of the candidates and you must put all their credentials or claims to test for verification. Conduct as many interviews as you want and each interview should be elaborate. Don’t skip any attribute that you think is relevant for the job in your company.
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