How To Manage Independent Sales Reps

How To Manage Independent Sales Reps

An independent sales reps force can be more effective than having an in-house sales team. There are financial advantages and you also get to hire more dynamic salespersons in the process. But there are some challenges too. Finding, hiring and managing independent sales reps are much more complicated than operating an in-house sales team. Many business owners and sales managers want to retain the control as independent sales reps would seldom be under direct manning.

How to Manage Independent Sales Reps


To get the best results with independent sales reps, you would have to manage them well. Fortunately, there is a mantra that you can adhere to so you can derive the best results. The mantra is quite simple: motivate, support and reward.

  • Motivation is the key to most jobs in the world. It is also a quintessential ingredient in the recipe for success. Without motivation, no individual in the world would do anything; that is other than the mandatory chores and compulsions. Even if a salesperson goes about the job as desired, the results would not be encouraging if there isn’t enough motivation. Now, business owners and sales managers have their own ways to motivate independent sales reps. Some amalgamate the aspect of motivation with rewards. It works in many cases but it may not work at all times. That is because rewards would only come in to play when something is achieved. The achievement or success may become elusive at times and in such situations the reward would not be enough motivation.
  • Support is another quintessential ingredient in the recipe for success. No salesperson, regardless of how deft one is, will be able to improve without support. The support would at times be in the form of sales training, at times it would be resources, at times knowledge about the product or industry and at times some leverage in the deals so the selling becomes a tad easier.
  • Finally, it is the reward that matters. Every salesperson needs to be shown what one can get if one succeed. Rewards can be purely monetary, there can be some in kind and some in the form of recognition. Ideally, there should be various forms of rewards. Money alone doesn’t cut the ice. At times, recognition can be a better driving force.

With the right combination of motivation, support and rewards, learning how to manage independent sales reps would not be an insurmountable challenge.

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