How To Deal With Independent Sales Reps For Hire

Considering independent sales reps for hire is wise. But dealing with independent sales reps without adequate preparation is unwise. Hiring independent sales reps is economic, it allows you to reach out to regions and customers whom you wouldn’t have been able to sales reptarget otherwise and you get to hire some of the best salespeople in any industry. There are many star salespeople in almost every industry who work as an independent sales rep.

There are three aspects of dealing with independent sales reps for hire. The first aspect deals with finding them, the second is considering them including interviews and background checks as well as negotiating the contract with them, the third aspect is managing them after they are hired.

The first aspect can be attended to if you head to popular trade shows, seminars and if you contact some manpower consulting companies which can get you introduced to potential candidates. You cannot find independent sales reps for hire at random places. You need a strategy.

Hiring manpower consulting companies would not pinch your finances because they charge much less than what a traditional print ad would cost you. Besides, the companies screen candidates before they are referred so you get details of only those who would be worth considering. You don’t have to scrutinize hundreds of resumes or interview people who don’t even qualify for the job.

Negotiating the contract or agreement with independent sales reps for hire is a tricky exercise. There are industry standards pertaining to the commissions you can pay. But if you want the best in the business then you would have to be generous with the commissions. If you want exclusivity, then you would have to pay even more generously.

Exclusivity should not be an option because independent sales reps representing your competition is the last thing you want. The best sales reps would want the highest commissions and you would have to pay that if you want to hire them. To get a fair idea of the general practice in your industry, you should visit trade shows, speak with experts in your industry and also refer to blogs or websites where sales reps discuss these issues.

Finally, you need to manage the independent sales reps so you get the results. Motivate them, offer them technical and nontechnical support, make them accountable and have preset targets which should be taken seriously.

Hiring independent sales reps is not a recipe for success by itself. You need them to perform to succeed.

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