Is 5linx Worth it? Must Read This Before You Sign Up!

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This review will help you determine is 5linx worth it or if it’s a scam. 5LINX Enterprises is an American multi-level marketing company based in Rochester, New York, and they provide health and utility insurance, telecommunication services, nutritional supplements, and business.

Is 5linx worth it

5LINX was founded in 2001, by Jeb Tyler (Executive Vice Web design manager of Marketing), Craig Jerabeck (President and CEO), and Jason Guck (Executive Vice Web design manager of Sales). 5LINX follows a multi level marketing model. Starting in 2009, 5LINX added apps for Androidd and iOS and possesses its push into the energy services market by acquiring energy supplier American Power Partners LLC of Buffalo.

In 2012, 5Linx Top No.1 Rochester for been the best 100 fastest-growing private businesses. The company has recently ranked on Inc. magazine’s as the Top 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the country for seven consecutive times, with accumulated revenue of $104 million, up from $83 million in 2011. This year, Jerabeck mentioned, the company anticipates revenue of $135 million, with $114 million of this being organic growth.

5LINX is really a multilevel marketing company, and it markets long-distance cellular phones, phone services and accessories through a network of more than 83, 000 independent sales representatives. The company’s product portfolio includes several brand, including wireless products from Verizon Instant Inc., T-Mobile USA Inc. and Sprint Nextel Corp.

In 2014, 5LINX was ranked #84 for the best the Direct Selling News Global 100 Record.

Is 5linx worth it?

Since internet marketing and business have become popular in recent years, even firms which might be working hard and have legit business strategies, land up in seas of controversies. Now, 5linx has become a major success and some people have made money through 5linx business.

However, 5linx strategies are more about your degree of marketing ability and how much time and resources you can spend money on their business strategies. Apart from that, with developing technologies and market becoming reasonably competitive, market prices of technological products are bound to diminish. This may lead 5linx to pay to it’s members less money.

5Linx, like any other MLM opportunity will come down to a few
basic principals that will determine whenever you can make money or not. That you didn’t make money from 5linx doesn’t mean the company is not profitable, The truth is whether you are capable, it’s not all about the 5Linx.

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