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For those interested in work from home opportunities, check out my 5linx review here. If you ask anyone that is truly successful about the best way to make money they will tell you to get someone else to do it for you. Making money can be very time consuming unless you have access to residual income business opportunity that can help you make money without having to put more time in.

Residual income” is like the magical key words that you want to hear when you are being presented a business opportunity. You want a plan that includes a way to earn income and giving very little time. Residual income produces an income stream 24 hours a day whether you are present or not.

A residual income business opportunity is ideal because your time is freed up and that amount of income can be very lucrative.

A Look At Income Streams

There are primarily two different ways to make money. Active and passive (residual is passive). Active breaks down simply as you work X amount of hours and earn X amount of money. This is the traditional mind set of most Americans.

Active earnings is important it becomes the jumping off point for people that go on to make millions, but you do have to jump off eventually or you will continue to make X amount of dollars for X amount of work.

Passive or residual income also requires input from you but it is not built up by the number of hours that you work. Residual income comes from an asset that you have built up and that keeps paying out long after you stopped putting in the work to build the asset.

Residual income can come from a full range of sources. All of the most successful people live off their residual income. They put in the work to build their assets and now they are able to enjoy the fruit of their labors.

Active earnings are necessary BUT they will not make you rich because they limit the amount of money you can make.

An Excellent Residual Income Business Opportunity

5LINX offers an excellent residual income business opportunity that can help you to achieve your financial goals AND your personal success goals. 5Linx offers all the tools that are needed to build a successful business AND to collect on residual income.

You can earn money while you are on vacation, you can earn money while you are at family functions. No more sitting in front of a desk for days on end or hours at a time. Once you have set up your business and created your assets you will be financially free.

Some Myths

Residual income is where the money is at BUT it does not mean that you do not have to be a part of the operation to insure smooth sailing. There are plenty of wildly successful people that depend on their residual income as their main source of income know that it is fine to depend on residual income but you have to pay attention.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that a residual income business opportunity should be more like an investment than an actual career. While it is very much like an investment, you invest your time and energy at first than are able to earn with little effort it still requires attention.

Passive does not equate neglectful. The most successful people stay involved with their residual income assets to insure that things continue to move a long at a smooth pace. Paying attention does not mean sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day but it does mean checking in with the numbers to insure that there are no losses or if some corrections need to be made. It is after all your business!

Another myth about passive or residual income is that there is a limit to your wealth range. The reality is exactly the opposite. Active income limits your wealth range by the number of hours that you can dedicate to the process.

Residual income opens the flood gates to wealth. There is simply no limit other than the amount of energy you want to put into earning the residual income at least it is with the residual income business opportunity from 5linx.

Change Your Mind Set

To really take advantage of everything that a great residual income business opportunity has to offer you have to change your mind set from a worker to an entrepreneur. You have to be able to throw out a lot of the things that you were taught. Working harder does not necessarily mean being better off. You can ask anyone that works a minimum wage job about hard work and the reward that they get for it!

Residual Income Business Opportunity


Working smarter is the ticket to improved wealth. The great residual income business opportunity that is available through 5linx is the perfect change.

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