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DirecTV Review


DirecTv is a Sattelite TV service that is global. It is one of the most popular choices for TV service rivaling cable companies in installation and service agreements. There are many reasons why people choose DirecTV but none more compelling than the excellent services that are offered.

DirecTV offers more digital HD channels than any other service provider. Of course the service is always competitively priced and unlike other service providers you lock in your affordable contract price. Installation is fast, there are insurance options for equipment and service that are low cost and easily fit into a monthly budget.

Customer Care

Reviews for Direct TV are outstanding  in the customer care arena. The customer care staff is well trained and answers questions quickly and helps you to easily resolve issues which of course makes them a consumer favorite.

Customer care provided by DirecTV is ranked 95% as satisfactory by consumers that use the service. This of course is a huge selling point with consumers in a world where customer service is not really up to par most of the time and consumers report feeling very unsatisfied with the customer care they receive from other subscription television services.

Superior customer care can make a big difference when the time comes to make a decision about television service.

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DirecTV keeps television services affordable which of course is also a huge selling point and a key to the reported consumer satisfaction. DirecTV has managed to offer plans that have consistently been substantially more affordable than cable television and other sattelite TV options.

The affordability is largely due to the vast programing packages and the constant discount offers that are available for signing up for the service. Consumers report very positive things about using DirecTV and saving money on the service.

DirecTV offers a tremendous value for the price. The services is rated as excellent by most consumers that use the service, it is affordable and the customer care is also rated as tops. Combined it makes DirecTV a great option.


DirecTV absolutely keeps up with the latest technology and is always offering something new as part of their suite of services. The latest mobile DirecTV can be used on any mobile device if you have a subscription service.

They offer HD DVR services which is just about a must have for any consumer that has a flat screen HDTV. Their technical staff is knowledgeable and always available to help consumers with everything from setting up their remote controls to troubleshooting their service. The boxes can be protected under a low cost insurance plan so if the technical staff can not help the costumer trouble shoot their issues remotely they will quickly schedule a visit from a licensed professional technician to come to the property and take care of the issue.


One other quality that discerning consumers demand from their satellite television service is reliability. After all how valuable is a television service if you can not rely on it to work? Everyone wants a service that is reliable.

Reviews for Direct TV has ranked this company one of the highest reliability rates in the industry. They had less down time than any other television service last year. That is a lot to be said for a provider and certainly earns it a high ranking among consumers that use the service.

Dependable service is key in customer satisfaction! DirecTV takes the commitment to insuring that they provide reliable service very seriously so the equipment is updated constantly to keep everything in good working order.


DirecTV offers everything that anyone could want in a sattelite service provider. They are dependable, provide superior customer care offer great services at an affordable price and have consistently been ranked #1 by consumer groups.

They are an excellent option for the consumer that enjoys the latest technology offerings as well. They offer DVR service for the entire house up to 5 rooms. They have more HD channels than any other service and in many markets that services can be bundled with internet and home phone services to save even more.

DirecTV is also an excellent choice for consumers that are not as tech savvy because it is an easy self explanatory service to use that does not require any special knowledge. DirecTV stays on the cutting edge of technology but keeps it simple enough for everyone to enjoy.

DirecTV also offers a full range of packages that start at a very low price. The packages are all reasonably priced but are available at different price points to accommodate any budget. Local channels are available with most packages so favorite shows and local news and weather is available.

They also provide social media apps as well. DirecTV is available in most all markets and is an excellent choice for any consumer that wants affordable reliable service.

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