The 5linx Compensation Plan: What To Expect From This Home Based Business

In order to provide the reader with a more accurate review of the 5linx compensation plan, it is necessary for us to look at every aspect of the business. By doing so, it means that we will look at not only the program itself, but also how you can make money from it and whether or not it is worth you investing time, money, and effort in it when there are so many other businesses to choose from.

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By the end, it is hoped that you will see that this is certainly something that is worth your while because with so many people making a substantial recurring income from it surely you would like to join those people that have managed to improve the quality of their life?


What Exactly Is 5linx?

So, we need to look at what 5linx actually is and the idea of working with the business to improve the quality of your life is certainly quite apt as the entire idea of 5linx is to be able to provide people with products and services that they use every single day which will improve their life. This is certainly a wonderful idea because who would not want to enjoy doing that? Surely everybody wants to have a happier, easier life and to also enjoy better health? You join as a distributor selling their products, but this is also a MLM business, so you can build your own team with you then being able to earn money from everything that they do as well.

Who Is Behind It?

Of course you also want to know more about who is behind such a company before you go ahead and sign up. Well, the first thing that you should know is that it was established in 2000 and by 2005 it was already on the Fortune 500, which is a pretty good achievement. The company is run by a team of people with a huge amount of experience in the MLM industry and it is regarded as being one of the fastest growing companies of its kind.

However, it can attribute its success to the products it sells and the distributors that do all of the hard work, so we need to look at both individually.

The Products On Offer

If we look at the products that are on offer then we see that they fall into three different categories; home, wellness, and business. This does mean that there is a lot of scope for things that you can promote and earn money from, so what do you have access to with each individual category?


With the home category you are looking at being able to promote energy products, telecommunications, security systems, personal security, and also tech support. For the energy products you are able to promote their Residential Energy Program, which aims to lower energy bills for your client. With telecommunications you are able to promote various products for not only television, but also the telephone and Internet connection.

Personal security is all about products that help to keep the identity of an individual safe, which is becoming more of an issue thanks to the Internet, and this is also backed up by the security systems section where the main focus is on improving home security. If the person does not really understand technology, or runs into issues, then that is where the tech support option really comes into play.

The entire aim of the home section is to supply products or services that will make the life of the individual easier, give them greater peace of mind, and of course save them money in the process.


The wellness section is split up into two main categories which are healthcare and nutrition. Obviously the main aim of this section is supply products that can improve the life and health of any individual no matter what their health is currently like. These products are suitable for anybody no matter the level they are at.

For the healthcare section there are two options available: the 5linx enhanced care MD and their Smart choice bundle. With the first option you are given access to registered nurses and doctors 24/7 and there is even the possibility of having medications prescribed by phone.

This also comes with a Walmart drug saving plan as well as links to over 1,100 audio’s that will help you to better understand your illness and if the doctor decides you need further tests or treatment, then that can also be arranged.

The second option is the Smart Choice bundle and this gives you access to more than 550,000 different healthcare specialists from nurses to doctors to dentists, chiropractors, and a whole lot more. With this option you are really able to customize your own plan depending on your needs and you also have access to a fully qualified and licensed healthcare plan broker who can guide you through the process.

This plan is designed to make healthcare affordable for everybody whilst also providing the best possible healthcare.
Aside from healthcare there is also nutrition and with this you also have a number of products to promote.

5linx compensation plan

Hi5 Challenge
The Hi5 Challenge kit provides the person with a full month of nutrients and shakes that will help to not only boost their energy, but also lose weight, build muscle, and tone their body. It has a subscription fee whereby the kit will be sent out every single month and it also comes complete with a workout guide, meal plans, and recipes that you can try.

Hi5 Edge
With Hi5 Edge the individual receives a series of products that are intended to do some very specific things. First, it is going to improve their metabolism, which then helps them to lose weight. Next, the products are going to improve their endurance and boost cognitive function allowing them to think and move better. It will improve cholesterol levels and lead to a healthy heart, and finally it is going to help with the aging process, so the body does not come under as much stress.

Hi5 Boost
For Hi5 Boost, it focuses more on the appetite and the tablets that you get are designed to not only reduce that feeling of hunger, but to also increase energy levels at the exact same time. It is packed full of antioxidants that are designed to not only control that hunger and energy, but also improve on how you are able to focus as well.

Hi5 Fuel
Hi5 Fuel is best described as a powerful shot of energy. It contains something called NIAGEN, which is an important B vitamin and it is going to improve your metabolism and give both your body and mind an energy boost. It is going to allow you to burn more calories, be more alert for longer, increase endurance levels, and also protect you from various neurological diseases.

Hi5 Lean & Flavor Surge
The Hi5 Lean and Flavor Surge is basically a shake that is full of what your body needs to keep going without allowing you to put on weight. This is seen as being the perfect shake for people on the go as it has fiber, protein, is packed full of vitamins and minerals, and is ready in seconds. The flavor surge aspect is a special chocolate flavor addition that is easy to add, but is amazing to taste.

MontaVida Coffee
Finally, there is MontaVida, which is their very own coffee, but this is coffee with a difference. It has a series of ingredients infused with it so it is packed full of antioxidants, as well as various minerals and vitamins. It is perfect for anybody that is looking to lose weight and it tastes just like normal coffee.

As you can see, the wellness section has a number of things to promote that are all designed to help improve the health of the individual. There is enough scope for there to be something suitable for anybody.

Finally there is the business section and once again there are a range of products and services to promote. Some are almost identical to the home products just with slight differences for example the energy section focuses on a commercial energy program rather than the residential variety. The same goes for commercial security systems and commercial satellite TV. There is also a business healthcare option as well as various mobile marketing products and payment processing solutions.

Overall, the business products focus on trying to provide you with options that will reduce some of your bills as well as improving security and marketing.

Is There Any Cost To You?

There is a cost to you in order to get started with 5linx, but that is completely normal for this type of business. There are actually two ways you can join as there is a customer representative as well as an independent marketing representative. The first one costs you $99 and the second is $249.

With your membership you get your very own website as well as access to a whole host of useful products such as their very own magazine, university, TV, and so much information on the business that it is difficult to read it all and absorb all of the information. This website does cost you $49.99 a month, but this is your shop front, so it is actually pretty inexpensive considering it is the way in which you are going to earn your income.


How You Make Money With The 5linx Compensation Plan

Now that we have looked at the rather extensive list of products that are available via 5linx it is best to look at how you make money and for this we need to turn to the 5linx compensation plan. Their plan is rather involved as there are eight different ways in which you can earn money, but it is mainly a mix of one-off commissions from sales as well as residual income from people that stick with the products for month after month. There are also various bonuses, prizes, and rewards should you hit certain targets.

The Levels Of Compensation

How much you earn via the 5linx compensation plan depends on your level. First, you can begin as a customer representative and really learn more about the products and how the company works. This means you are unable to qualify for weekly or quick-start bonuses, but you earn points as you progress and can then purchase an upgrade and become an independent marketing representative.

Apart from this, you also have eight different levels. You have two trainer levels, two director levels, and four vice president levels and of course as you move up the ladder you earn more from the compensation plan.

Thinking Of The Products

Now, to understand the money side we have to look at the products on offer. A number of them are services or products that need to be bought monthly, so there is a chance to earn recurring income as long as an individual has signed up to the product.
However, apart from the possibility of one-off commissions from products or recurring income it is also possible for you to be rewarded for signing up people to be part of your own personal downline no matter the option they choose.

Your Commission

No matter if you are an independent or a customer representative you earn 2% for each sale every single month. However, when you move up to a trainer, which means you are recruiting people and have your own team, then you not only earn that 2% for your own sales, but also 1% for every single sale that a member in your team makes.
Of course, by the time you move up to a vice president level you have a bigger team and there is even more chance for you to pick up more commission and bonuses earning you even more money.

Building A Recurring Income

The entire idea of 5linx is for you to build that recurring income hence the products and services being based around those that need to be paid for on a monthly basis. The percentage commission may sound rather low, but when you build your team and have a number of sales built up over the months it is actually very easy for you to generate a substantial income and your basic salary will only continue to grow.

This does not include mentioning the bonuses that are available from the company depending on your level of productivity. You are not only rewarded in the monetary sense, but you can also be given free vacations all the way up to your very own Bentley if you are good enough.

Just think about it all for a moment. You can be rewarded quite handsomely for helping people to improve the quality of their life. Is that not a cool thing to be able to do for a living?

So, Is This For You?

This is the big question, but you need to think about the following points.
5linx has managed to change the lives of a huge number of its representatives.5linx has a number of products that really can improve the life of an individual in various ways.5linx provides you with 8 different ways to earn an income.

5linx is backed by people with a huge amount of experience in the industry.5linx trains you on the various products helping you to generate more sales.5linx has amazing customer service that will help guide you through everything and deal with any problems.

When you look at everything it is clear that this is an MLM business opportunity that has been very well thought out and planned from the very outset. It is a business that has generated a huge number of sales, it is a business that has made massive strides in next to no time, and it really is quite easy to understand what you need to do in order to generate the income that you have always dreamed of.

The 5linx compensation plan is designed in such a way that it becomes very difficult to not make money unless you simply put in no effort whatsoever. No matter if it is via one-off sales or via recurring commissions, or even bonuses with what others are selling it is entirely possible to transform your life like never before. The only thing that is left to do is to sign up as a distributor and get working as the rewards are sitting there waiting for you.

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