Review of the Total Life Changes Opportunity

Total Life Changes Reviews

The playing field for the home-based business companies that utilizes a process of earning residual profits is exceedingly wide.

In the same arena, Total Life Changes Opportunity continues to generate interest from many hopeful future entrepreneurs.

Because of that fact, there are Total Life Changes reviews, but few, if any, successfully answer all the questions and dilemmas that people have about the same company. Now, using the latest information and an analytic approach, the Total Life Changes program will be reviewed in detail and examined, so that anyone can get all the necessary information they need about it.

The Basics of the Total Life Changes Opportunity

In 1999, Total Life Changes Company was created in Chesterfield, Michigan, with the aim of providing Multilevel marketing services to its partners and clients. It was established with the aim of reaching the worldwide markets and it was mainly focused on skin and health products.

In the last 15 years, the company grew and spread to over 140 countries on every continent, with physical offices in 8 of these. Like with all other fair and objective Total Life Changes reviews, it is important to conclude the fact that this kind of global presence definitely underlines a successful approach to their business dealings or this type of growth in a modest timeframe simply could not be possible.

Company’s Vision

Anyone looking into an MLM company should be informed about its main vision. The Total Life Changes vision consists of selecting and then providing superior quality products which make a lasting impact on the customer’s health and well-being.

At the same time, the same clients receive an opportunity to enhance their financial and social status with the company’s compensation plan. Here, it is very refreshing to see that Total Life Changes vision is articulate, simple and approachable. Instead of giving incredible promises, the company states its basic and easily understandable business plan, which is always appreciated in the MLM world.


Total Life Changes Review



Total Life Changes Products

The company deals primarily in products from three different lines (most of these lines are called a “laso”): nutritional supplements, skincare range and coffee products (called laso Cafe by the company). All of these are designed and manufactured with a clear objective of either providing health benefits or a great taste in the case of the coffee line. Unlike some other MLM companies, Total Life Changes is very clear about their offer and every product it offers is an actual physical item.

Total Life Changes Compensation Plan

Working with the company’s system allows representatives to use wholesale distributors and individual retail customers to earn an income while they also qualify for additional bonuses in the process. More precisely, earning money with Total Life Changes is based on the fact that its representatives earn 50% of the retail value as a commission while the hybrid binary plan includes recruitment of new entrepreneurs and it covers a compensation plan which deals a 30% commission.

By focusing on both direct sales and building of representative downlines, any entrepreneur can earn a substantial amount of money with the same company. Naturally, this demands time and effort, as well as truly believing that the company has a good line of products to offer, but thanks to the quality of all the three lines, this should not be a big problem for anyone.


It is clear that this company is all about making real steps in the process of distributing real products. While some Total Life Changes reviews might call out the fact that this company does not provide a get-rich-quick scheme, it does provide a rock-solid system that distributes useful products that offer wellness and health. This means that all those entrepreneurs who dream of becoming millionaires in less than 6 months might be turned off by this offer, but everyone else who is looking for a solid partner for their emerging home-based business should definitely consider Total Life Changes Opportunity.

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