What Can I Write off on my Taxes

What Can I Write off on my Taxes?

If you have ever asked yourself – What can I write off on my taxes?’, then you don’t need to worry anymore. Because there is a perfect solution for you! A solution that can help you start off with your own business and at the same time save a lot on taxes.

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Yes, the business is 5LINX home-based business which you can start right away and give yourself the opportunity to write off a lot of items from taxes.

First, let’s see what 5LINX business is all about.

What is 5LINX home-based business?

It is simple. 5LINX is providing opportunity for you to start a business right away with your greatest asset that you already have. Yes, your greatest asset is your contacts, friends, family, co-workers and people you already know. Pick out the 5 people you know and ask them a simple question.

Ask them that whether they would be interested to save money in the areas of home energy, mobile services, home security or better health. These are the areas where we spend money all the time. But saving money on them is a stunner. And no one can say no to your question.

Moreover, 5LINX business can be started under $300 and with indirect marketing you don’t only save money on the things that you use every day but you make money by leveraging your greatest asset.

The products of this business are also varied and spread over the areas like home, wellness and telecommunication. Home essentials include energy, tech support and security. And the health products are designed to make you healthy and provide you with enough nutrients so that you can achieve all your fitness goals.

Now let’s see how you can save taxes on your 5LINX home-based business so that you never have to ask this question What can I write off on my taxes?’ again.

How 5LINX can save you taxes?

First of all with 5LINX home-based business your home acts as your office building. That means a lot of things that you are using at your home will be treated as business properties. And if you own a 5LINX home-based business, then a portion of your home’s operating expenses will become tax deductible.

But if you are not the owner of 5LINX home-based business then you would not be able to avail the tax deductions people are getting who are the owners of 5LINX home-based business. There are several break-ups for tax deduction 5LINX home-based business qualifies for but if you would never go for the opportunity and never would get started with your own 5LINX home-based business then you would pay much more on taxes than the people who own their home-based business with 5LINX.

And at the same time, if you think the larger effect, by not opting for the opportunity you are also depriving your near and dear ones from saving a lot of money on taxes. As already mentioned, 5LINX home-based business is all about connecting with your greatest assets. If you don’t start the business, maybe they would never know about the opportunity with 5LINX.

What are the tax deductible expenses 5LINX home-based business qualifies for?

The following are the major part of tax deductible expenses for which your 5LINX home-based business can qualify for.

  • Mortgage interest or rent: This is the catch. You always have known that anyone can save taxes on mortgage interest. But with 5LINX business you can save taxes on rent. You can write off a partial amount of your rent on the basis of the square footage of your home office space.


  • Cleaning services: If you have a home, you have to clean. There is no other option left. What if you can write off part of your cleaning service expenses if you own 5LINX home business?! You literally can.


  • Gas, electric, water: These are the daily needs of your home. If you use them you can write off the partly expenses you incur on these items, provided you have your own 5LINX business.


  • Phone bill and mobile phones: You can also save on the phone bills and mobile phones you buy for writing off taxes. Only one condition is there again. You must have a home-based business with 5LINX.


  • Sofas, coffee tables and furniture: If you have a home you have some furniture arranged in your space all around. Moreover if you love to adorn your home with luxurious furniture, you would definitely get a lot of benefit out of it. By starting a home based business you can literally write off expenses on sofas, coffee table and other furniture.


  • Newspapers, magazines, books, and even online media: This is the age of overflowing information. No matter what you do or whatever profession you are in, you definitely read newspapers, if not magazines, books, online subscriptions magazines. Most probably you also read so many books, browse through different magazines and subscribe yourself online for reading various informative articles and magazines. What if you can write off your taxes by reading more? With 5LINX home business you can do that.


  • Paper, Pens, Postage: These are necessary ingredients of your daily life. You would surely buy paper, pens and postage for your daily use. You can save taxes on these items too. Just imagine starting off with a simple home-based business can give so much of benefit to you and it would also reduce the burden of taxes from your shoulders.


  • Health, dental, and other insurance: Now-a-days, everyone agrees that health is wealth and it is now a necessity to protect your health by taking health and other related insurance. You can get deductions on these insurance expenses also if you start off with 5LINX home business.


  • 5LINX home security system: By starting off the 5LINX home business if you transfer your home security system to 5LINX you can also save on taxes.


Other than the above expenses you can also save on the utility expenses, pest control, general maintenance, and also on travel, hotels and meals. And the good news is if you become the 5LINX representatives you can make money if you switch your services over to 5LINX energy.

Just start off with your 5LINX home-based business now and see for yourself that you would never have to worry about saving money on taxes.

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