Where To Find Good Sales Reps

Where To Find Good Sales Reps?

It takes a lot of effort, patience and perseverance to find good sales reps. You cannot put up an ad online, post a requirement on your website or ask for references and expect to find good sales reps. All business-man-avatar-vector-1431598-sthese methods would work to get you some resumes but it is unlikely that you would get some amazing profiles. Besides, what you need is not just a promising candidate on paper who claims to be good but one who is actually good on the ground.

Sales, is a difficult profession and while one out of every nine working adults in the country is into sales, there are very few who are actually good. Given the challenges that you are likely to face, you really need to know where to find good sales reps.

  • Begin by hiring a sales rep agency. There are many types of manpower consulting firms. We are not talking about those that are generic or cater to all jobs and every industry. You need to find agencies that cater to sales reps and companies looking for good sales reps. You may be aware that some companies focus only on senior management executives and there are many companies that focus solely on inexperienced jobseekers. You need to hire an agency that specializes in dealing with sales reps. These agencies are the best way to find some really good profiles. The advantage of hiring such agencies is that you don’t have to pay a fortune to use their service and if they are of no good in the end, you don’t have to pay anything. Depending on where you are based and what industry you are in, you can look for such agencies in your city or state. You may even hire an agency based in some other state. Getting desirable profiles is the objective, not where the agency is based.
  • You should always attend tradeshows, seminars and job fairs. You will not get people lining up for jobs in your company but you would get to meet talent. Hiring sales reps doesn’t just entail advertising that you need salespeople but also spotting the right talent. Finding sales reps while they are selling something is the best way to find good sales reps. You can see them on their job and you can know for sure if they are worth hiring. You don’t need resumes or even an interview because you know what the sales rep can do.
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