Wireless Home Security Systems: It’s Time To Upgrade

Creating Your Own Security System

About the Burglar

When creating your own wireless home security systems or other residential security system, it pays to have an understanding of what a potential burglar may be looking for. A burglar will look for a home that has two ways out and plenty of cover. He/she will only approach and enter the home if there is a good chance that he/she will not be caught. With this in mind, it pays to have some deterrents clearly visible.


The Sign

Whether you have an alarm system or not, consider getting a sign to place near your front door. These signs are created by security systems and they act as a deterrent by telling any would be burglar that the home is protected by a security system. Even if you do not have the security system, or any system, a simple sign can dramatically reduce the chances of being burgled.

The Dog

When people think residential security, they think large, bulky, and aggressive dogs. The truth is however that any dog will help with your residential security. A dog that will react and bark loudly to noises against the home will cause any would be burglar to rethink whether or not to rob a house. In this case, the bark is more important then the bite.

The Beep

Many people who install their own diy wireless home security system install wireless alarms on their windows and doors. These alarms have a simple purpose. Whenever a window or door with this alarm is sounded, a beep will go off in the house. For anyone trying to quietly burgle your home, this is the absolute worst, as it will alert everyone in the home, especially the dog, that someone is near by. By taking the time to install these wireless alarms, as well as a speaker box that plays the beep if an alarm is activated, you can help secure your home like never before.

A Quick Note About Commercial Security

Unlike residential security, commercial security is significantly harder. While a residence may always potentially have someone inside, there are clear times when commercial spaces will be vulnerable. The best thing you can do is to see if there is a local security force responsible for protecting the area, and see what kind of security they have in place. If that is not enough, then consider either a safe or other safe lock box to store any valuables you leave in the office.

Wireless Home Security Systems
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